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Genome Biology recognises the importance of scientific debate around published articles and considers Correspondence articles relating to papers that have been published in the journal. However, the decision about whether to publish any piece of Correspondence is at the discretion of the Editor. To be considered, Correspondence articles must directly relate to a paper previously published in Genome Biology, and must contribute a substantive scientific discussion directly in relation to that paper. 

All Correspondence will also be sent to the authors of the original Genome Biology paper, for their signed comments and their response may also be published. The editors reserve the right to edit and/or peer review Correspondence at their discretion.

Correspondence articles should be no longer than 800 words in length and should contain no more than 15 references and no more than 2 display items (boxes, tables or figures). They should be submitted through the journal’s online submission system. No article processing charge will be applied to Correspondence articles that are accepted for publication.

Reporting standards for this article type are the same as for other research publications in the journal. Please see the guidelines for our Research articles for detailed information.

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