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Publisher Correction: Bookend: precise transcript reconstruction with end-guided assembly

The Original Article was published on 29 June 2022

Correction: Genome Biol 23, 143 (2022)

Following publication of the original article [1], the authors noticed that Figs. 4 and 5 were transposed during production. Below is the correct layout of Figs. 4 and 5. The original article [1] has been corrected. The publishers apologise for the error.

Fig. 4
figure 1

Bookend performance on single mouse cells. A Reconstruction of Spike-In RNA Variants (SIRVs) from 96 paired-end 100 bp SMARTer libraries of single mESCs. Each vertical bar depicts the assemblies from one cell, ordered from highest (bottom) to lowest (top) estimated abundance. Colored boxes match a true isoform of the given input concentration; gray boxes are false assemblies. B SIRV assembly performance as a function of increasing sequencing depth. F-measure (right) is the harmonic mean of sensitivity and precision. C Boxplots showing percent validation of 5′ ends with SLIC-CAGE support within the given windows for 96 single mESC assemblies. D Boxplots as in (C) showing 3′ end validation by 3P-Seq peaks. E Percent of intergenic assemblies (no overlap with RefSeq) in single cells which have ≥1 matching Capture Long-Seq read from the mouse CLS atlas

Fig. 5
figure 2

End-guided meta-assembly accurately integrates single-cell data. A Performance of assemblers with input from increasing numbers of single mESC cells. Assemblies with a matching exon chain to a RefSeq transcript (left) or no match to a RefSeq transcript (right). B F-measure of assemblies, where recall is the proportion of all transcripts assembled by ≥1 strategy and precision is matches/total assemblies. C Comparison of Bookend meta-assembly to standard assembly and other meta-assemblers. Number of RefSeq-matching transcripts assembled (left) or the number of non-matches (right). D Precision/recall plot of the 12 assemblies from C; recall and precision calculated as in (B). E IGV browser image of the Commd8 gene. From top to bottom: RefSeq, Gencode, and Bookend mESC annotations, 5′ ends from mESC SLIC-CAGE, 3′ ends from mESC 3P-seq, Bookend-condensed partial assemblies from 96 single mESCs


  1. Schon MA, Lutzmayer S, Hofmann F, et al. Bookend: precise transcript reconstruction with end-guided assembly. Genome Biol. 2022;23:143.

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