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Correction to: DNA copy number evolution in Drosophila cell lines

The Original Article was published on 28 August 2014

Correction to: Genome Biol (2014) 15:R70

Following publication of the original article [1], the authors reported the following errors:

  1. 1)

    In Fig. 3a, both Drosophila D20-c2 and D20-c5 cells are shown as D20-c3. The top should be D20-c2 and the bottom should be D20-c5. The updated Fig. 3 is shown below.

  2. 2)

    Labelling of the cell lines in Additional file 3 was incorrect. The updated Additional file 3 is supplied in this correction.

Fig. 3
figure 1

DNA copy numbers. a Plots of mapped DNA read density along the genome. Deduced copy number is indicated by color (see key). b Heatmaps display how many cell lines have increased (green) or decreased (red) copy number. Black lines in the first two rows show significance. Blue lines indicate breakpoints. Black in the bottom row shows the number of breakpoints shared by the 19 cell lines. c A zoomed-in map of the sub-telomeric region (1 Mb) of chromosome 3 L. Asterisks: genes within the highly duplicated regions. Genes with little or no functional information (‘CG’ names) were omitted for brevity


  1. Lee H, et al. DNA copy number evolution in Drosophila cell lines. Genome Biol. 2014;15:R70

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Additional file 3:

Genome-wide copy number in cell lines and copy number breakpoints. (XLSX 21852 kb)

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