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Table 1 General assembly statistics for the genome of the fig pollinator, C. solmsi

From: Obligate mutualism within a host drives the extreme specialization of a fig wasp genome

Statistics C. solmsi
Contigs (n) 15,018 (length ≥100 bp)
Average length of contigs 18,421 bp
Max contig length 683,425 bp
Total length of contigs 276,647,649 bp (length ≥ 100 bp)
Contig size N50 74,395 bp
Scaffolds (n) 7,397 (length ≥ 100 bp)
Average length of scaffolds 37,575 bp
Max scaffold length 27,400,720 bp
Total length of scaffolds 277,939,842 bp (length ≥ 100 bp)
Scaffold size N50 9,558,897 bp
Total coverage 94.52% (estimated size 294,060,873 bp)
Predicted genes 11,412