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Erratum to: SpeCond: a method to detect condition-specific gene expression

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Genome Biology201112:413

  • Received: 20 December 2011
  • Accepted: 21 December 2011
  • Published:

The original article was published in Genome Biology 2011 12:R101


A corrected author list has been published for the article in which SpeCond is described [1]. Wolfgang Huber has been removed at his and the authors' request. The author list of this correction article reflects this change.


Authors’ Affiliations

EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Cambridge, CB10 1SD, UK
EMBL-Heidelberg Genome Biology Unit, Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany
Department of Bioinformatics, Genentech Inc., 1 DNA Way, South San Francisco, California 94080, USA


  1. Cavalli FMG, Bourgon R, Huber W, Vaquerizas JM, Luscombe NM: SpeCond: a method to detect condition-specific gene expression. Genome Biology. 2011, 12: R101-10.1186/gb-2011-12-10-r101.PubMedPubMed CentralView ArticleGoogle Scholar


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