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Visualization, mapping and sequencing of megabase lengths of DNA

Prior to replication, a chromosome comprises a single length of DNA. We report on new methods for handling tens of kilobase to megabase lengths of single DNA molecules. We further report on the direct visualization of sequence organisation and the action of processive enzymatic activity along the molecules. We show how individual molecules can be captured and processed on single molecule microarrays [1] using a ligation base sequencing biochemistry that we have developed [2]. Finally, we describe how our methods will complement next generation DNA sequencing.


  1. Mir K: Ultrasensitive RNA profiling: counting single molecules on microarrays. Genome. Res. 2006, 16: 1195-7. 10.1101/gr.5825506. Epub 2006

    Article  PubMed  CAS  Google Scholar 

  2. Mir , et al: Sequencing by Cyclic Ligation and Cleavage (CycLiC) directly on a microarray captured template. Nucleic Acids Rese. 2009, 37: e5-10.1093/nar/gkn906.

    Article  Google Scholar 

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Mir, K., Dong, L., Bauer, D. et al. Visualization, mapping and sequencing of megabase lengths of DNA. Genome Biol 11 (Suppl 1), P28 (2010).

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