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Table 1 Abbreviations used in the manuscript

From: Optimizing expression quantitative trait locus mapping workflows for single-cell studies

eQTL Expression quantitative trait locus/loci
sc-eQTL Single-cell eQTL
eGene Gene with at least one eQTL (at a given FDR threshold)
LMM Linear mixed model
Matched datasets (Bulk and single-cell) expression data from the same set of individuals with closely matched expression quantification.
a-bulk All bulk; eQTL results obtained using bulk RNA-seq data from all donors (n = 526)
m-bulk Matched bulk; eQTL results using bulk RNA-seq from matched donors (n = 87)
SV (Single-cell) sampling variation
FDR False discovery rate
cFDR Conditional FDR
FWER Family-wise error rate
HVGs Highly variable genes
TMM Trimmed mean of M-values; normalization method proposed in [1]