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Table 1 Mapping statistics for LUND1 libraries

From: A seventeenth-century Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome supports a Neolithic emergence of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex

Pre/post capture Library treatment Processed reads pre-mapping (n) Unique mapped reads, quality-filtered (n) Endogenous DNA (%) Mean fold coverage Mean fragment length (bp) GC content (%)
Pre-capture Non-UDG 3,696,712 1458 0.045 0.018 54.31 63.89
Post-capture UDG 59,091,507 9,482,901 45.652 141.5062 65.83 62.96
  1. A comparison of the mapping statistics for the non-UDG screening library and UDG-treated MTBC enriched library of LUND1 when aligned to the MTBC ancestor genome [21]. For full EAGER output, see Additional File 2