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Table 2 Summary of error-correction methods’ parameters and publication details. Error-correction methods are sorted by the year of publication (indicated in the column “Published year”). We documented the underlying algorithm (indicated in the column “Underlying algorithm”), version of the error correction tool used (indicated in the column “Version”), and the name of the software tool (indicated in the column “Software tool”)

From: Benchmarking of computational error-correction methods for next-generation sequencing data

Software tool Version Underlying algorithm Published year Programming language Default k-mer size
Coral 1.4.1 Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) 2011 C N/A
SGA 0.10.15 FM-index search 2012 C++ 31
Musket 1.1 k-mer spectrum 2012 C++ N/A
Racer 1.0.1 k-mer spectrum 2013 C++ N/A
Bless 1.02 k-mer spectrum 2014 C++ N/A
Lighter 1.1.1 k-mer spectrum 2014 C++ N/A
Fiona 0.2.8 k-mer spectrum 2014 C++ N/A
BFC 1 k-mer spectrum 2015 C N/A
Pollux 1.0.2 k-mer spectrum 2015 C 31
RECKONER 0.2.1 k-mer spectrum 2017 C++ N/A