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Fig. 2

From: Gene content evolution in the arthropods

Fig. 2

Arthropod phylogeny inferred from 569 to 4097 single-copy protein-coding genes among the six multi-species orders, crustaceans, and non-spider chelicerates (Additional file 1: Table S13) and 150 single-copy genes for the orders represented by a single species and the deeper nodes. Divergence times estimated with non-parametric rate smoothing and fossil calibrations at 22 nodes (Additional file 1: Table S14). Species in bold are those sequenced within the framework of the i5K pilot project. All nodes, except those indicated with red shapes, have bootstrap support of 100 inferred by ASTRAL. Nodes of particular interest are labeled in orange and referred to in the text. Larger fonts indicate multi-species orders enabling CAFE 3.0 likelihood analyses (see “Methods”). Nodes leading to major taxonomic groups have been labeled with their node number and the number of genes inferred at that point. See Additional file 2: Figure S16 and Additional file 1: Table S12 for full node labels

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