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Fig. 5

From: Clustered CTCF binding is an evolutionary mechanism to maintain topologically associating domains

Fig. 5

Examples of TAD boundary regions harboring clusters of both conserved and divergent CTCF binding sites. ac CTCF ChIP-seq tracks illustrating three examples of TAD boundary regions harboring clusters of closely located CTCF binding sites. Although some of the sites are conserved across species, there are also often lineage-specific gains or losses in the vicinity. Blue shadow boxes highlight the statistically significant peaks identified by MACS, while pink shadow boxes mark CTCF binding losses (orthologous regions with no significant peaks). Arrows indicate the orientations of the CTCF binding motif identified within each peak. In case of more than one motif identified in a peak, the orientation shown corresponds to the motif with the lowest p value. The contact maps were visualized using Juicebox [83]

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