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Table 1 Comparison of the new giant panda genome with previously published assemblies

From: Chromosome-level genome assembly for giant panda provides novel insights into Carnivora chromosome evolution

 This studyASM200744v1AilMel_1.0
Total size of assembled scaffolds2,445,001,1502,428,263,6932,299,509,015
Number of scaffolds77,89757,41481,467
Scaffold N5023,473,6699,947,5191,281,781
Scaffold L503475521
Longest scaffold81,377,46432,438,5966,047,896
GC content41.69%41.69%41.60%
Unresolved bases per 100 Kb1937.471927.022356.86
Repeat region of assembly41.05%41.29%34.7%
Number of gene models22,28423,37122,154