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Fig. 6

From: Non-coding RNAs underlie genetic predisposition to breast cancer

Fig. 6

mencRNAs targeted by multiple risk signals. a Regional XLOC-112072 eQTL association plot. Red dots indicate signal 3 CCVs. b WashU genome browser showing annotated GENCODE genes (blue) and mencRNAs (black) within the 18q11 risk region. The XLOC-112072 mencRNA is highlighted in red. Risk signals 1–3 are numbered and the CCVs within each signal shown as colored vertical lines. The ATAC-seq data are shown as blue histograms, histone modification ChIP-seq data is shown as black histograms, and CHi-C chromatin interactions are shown as arcs from T47D and B80T5 breast cell lines. Red arcs depict chromatin looping between CCVs and the XLOC-112072 promoter region. c Zoomed in view of CCVs, CHi-C interaction, and XLOC-9112072

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