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Fig. 2

From: Non-coding RNAs underlie genetic predisposition to breast cancer

Fig. 2

Enrichment of CCVs in mencRNA exons. a The overlap of CCVs with non-coding (ncRNA) and protein-coding transcript features. The number of CCVs directly overlapping a feature is shown in blue, and gray bars show the expected values based on overlap with 105 randomly generated interval sets. Error bars show the 95% confidence intervals of the mean. The significance of the enrichment is expressed as p values, calculated by dividing the number of random samples showing equal or greater overlap than the observed by the total number of permutations (*p < 0.05). b WashU genome browser showing annotated GENCODE genes (blue), and mencRNAs (black) within the 2q14.2 risk region. The XLOC-130152 and XLOC-130206 mencRNAs are highlighted in red. Risk signals 1–4 are numbered and the CCVs within each signal shown as colored vertical lines. The dashed gray outlines highlight the CCVs and relevant mencRNAs. c Zoomed in view of signals 1–3 CCVs, XLOC-130152 and XLOC-130206

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