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Table 1 Comparison of computational efficiency of Mash, BinDash, and Dashing at k=31 and various sketch sizes

From: Dashing: fast and accurate genomic distances with HyperLogLog

SketchWall clock (s)311013451157273271277
 Peak mem (MB)311017,72014112,68312,72112,644
DistanceWall clock (s)311019017480100601
 Peak mem (MB)31101120409116116116
BothWall clock (s)311032461,231345365870
 Peak mem (MB)311017,72040912,46812,95012,988
  1. The log2(size) column reports the log2 of the sketch size in bytes. “Both” results obtained either by using a combined Sketch+Distance mode (for Dashing) or by combining results from separate sketching and distance-calculation invocations (for Mash and BinDash). Dashing was assessed using three estimation methods: Flajolet’s method using the harmonic mean (“Original”) and Ertl’s MLE and JMLE methods. Italicized entries indicate the lowest space or time for a given experiment