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Table 1 Summary statistics of the reference tomato genome as well as the three novel accessions. Chromosome span indicates the total span of all of the chromosomes, including gaps. Chromosome N50 is the length such that half of the total span is covered in chromosome sequences this length or longer. Chr0 bases report the number of bases assigned to the unresolved chromosome 0. Contig span is the total length of non-gap (N) characters. Contig N50 is the length such that half of the contig span is covered by contigs this length or longer. Number SVs reports the number of SVs reported by RaGOO using the integrated version of Assemblytics

From: RaGOO: fast and accurate reference-guided scaffolding of draft genomes

Accession Chromosome span (bp) Chromosome N50 (bp) Chr0 bases (bp) Number Contigs Contig span (bp) Contig N50 (bp) Number SVs
Heinz 828,076,956 66,723,567 20,852,292 22,705 746,357,581 133,084 NA
M82 792,934,937 67,021,692 8,891,603 2910 771,143,786 1,458,445 36,191
BGV 794,568,563 67,174,401 4,643,553 638 769,694,915 4,105,177 45,927
FLA 796,004,315 67,650,907 5,490,904 2577 750,743,510 795,751 45,478