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Fig. 7

From: Comprehensive evaluation of structural variation detection algorithms for whole genome sequencing

Fig. 7

Increased or decreased rates of precision and recall of overlapped calls between various SV detection methods. Precision and recall values of overlapped calls between pairs of algorithms based on the indicated six different methods were determined for different SV categories (DEL-M (a), DEL-L (b), DUP-S (c), DUP-M (d), DUP-L (e), INS (f), and INV (g)) using four sets of NA12878 real data. The mean values (presented in Additional file 3: Table S18 in detail) were summarized based on pairs of methods (method 1 and method 2) by calculating the fold increase of precision or recall of overlapped calls relative to those for method 1 alone. RP, method using read pairs-based signal; RD, method using read depth-based signal; SR, method using split (soft-clipped) reads-based signal; AS, assembly-based approach; LR, method using long reads, CB; combined method using two or more methods out of RP, SR, RD, and AS

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