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Fig. 5

From: Comprehensive evaluation of structural variation detection algorithms for whole genome sequencing

Fig. 5

a, b Run time and memory consumption for SV detection algorithms. A bam or fastq files of the reads aligned to the NA12878 chromosome 8 (NA12878 data1 or PacBio-data1) was used as input data, and GRCh37 chr8 fasta file was used as reference. Each of the indicated algorithms was run using a single CPU. For VH (VariationHunter) and PBHoney, the data obtained together with the run of the indicated alignment tools (BL, BLASR; NG, NGM-LR) are also shown. For MetaSV, run time and maximum memory without those spent on Pindel and the other required tools are indicated. The algorithms were categorized according to the methods used to detect SV signals (RP, SR, RD, AS, LR, MEI/NUMT/VEI, and others) and their combined methods (RP-SR, RP-RD, RP-AS, RP-SR-AS, and RP-SR-RD)

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