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Table 4 Gene family category and candidate orthologous group (OG) enrichments among positive results. The top panel presents the statistical significance of each test for enrichment of candidate gene families among the positive results when compared to the background, for Polyphaga. The lower panel indicates the number of positive results in both suborders, for candidate OGs and background. Significant values at the 0.05 threshold are shown in italics

From: Genomic signatures accompanying the dietary shift to phytophagy in polyphagan beetles

Category Positive/total OGs Category enrichment FDR
P450 1/22 0.36268
CE 3/19 0.00252
GST 3/6 0.00016
CYS 1/7 0.16627
UGT 0/4 1.00000
SER 0/4 1.00000
ABC 0/28 1.00000
GH 0/1 1.00000
Category Positive/total OGs Candidate vs. background enrichment p value
Background (Polyphaga) 88/9720 0
Candidates (Polyphaga) 8/91
Background (Adephaga) 21/9720 1
Candidates (Adephaga) 0/91