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Fig. 5

From: Analysis of error profiles in deep next-generation sequencing data

Fig. 5

Sample-specific errors in high-depth capture sequencing data. Each column represents a leukemia sample (in total 47 samples) while each row represents a genomic position that was sequenced in all samples. The genomic positions were assigned to panels ad by the nucleotide at corresponding positions, i.e., C at (a), G at (b), A at (c), and T at (d) as heatmaps. In each panel, MAF for all three possible substitution types were shown in three groups indicated at the top of each panel, sorted by their neighboring DNA context (i.e., 3′ (−) or 5′ (+) flanking bases). Vertical patterns show the sample-level DNA damage which is apparent in C>A and G>T mutation. e Significant correlation of sample-specific error (surrogated by C>A error rate) with error types C>T/G>A and C>G/G>C but not for other type (data not shown). The linear regression and r-squared values are indicated

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