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Fig. 5

From: Exploring the genetic basis of human population differences in DNA methylation and their causal impact on immune gene regulation

Fig. 5

Effects of DNA methylation on transcriptional responses to immune stimulation. a Number of genes harboring reQTMs in single conditions or combinations of stimulations. b, c Examples of reQTMs detected in this study. Lines indicate the fitted linear regression model, and gray shades the 95% confidence intervals of these models. b The distribution of the expression values of CD1D at the non-stimulated (yellow) and after IAV infection (purple) is plotted as a function of β values, for AFB individuals only. c The distribution of the expression values of CARD9 at the non-stimulated (yellow) and upon R848 stimulation (blue) is plotted as a function of β values, for EUB individuals only. d Number of reQTM-genes by condition and according to the direction of their association with DNA methylation. e Number of mediated and non-mediated reQTM-genes per stimulation condition. The percentages of these two categories for each condition are also indicated. f Proportion of variance of gene expression explained by DNA methylation, among negative (dark colors) and positive (light colors) associations, in mediated cases

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