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Table 2 Protein-coding genes from RefSeq that were not expressed in any of the 9795 RNA-seq samples from GTeX

From: CHESS: a new human gene catalog curated from thousands of large-scale RNA sequencing experiments reveals extensive transcriptional noise

NCBI gene ID Gene name Location Product
101927562 LOC101927562 chr11 1554607–1556457 Uncharacterizeda
101929097 LOC101929097 chr19 2511219–2513571 Uncharacterizeda
107987231 LOC107987231 Chr16 29973622–29974648 Uncharacterizeda
101928589 LOC101928589 chrX 110175773–110177788 Uncharacterized
728072 CT47A5 chrX 120963026–120966446 Cancer/testis antigen family 47 member A5
728049 CT47A8 chrX 120948422–120951842 Cancer/testis antigen family 47 member A8
728042 CT47A9 chrX 120943561–120946981 Cancer/testis antigen family 47 member A9
245927 DEFB113 chr6 49968677–49969625 Defensin beta 113
51206 GP6 Chr19 55013705–55038264 Glycoprotein VI platelet
102723822 LOC102723822 (GTPBP4/NGB) Unplaced KI270752.1 8198–27137 Nucleolar GTP-binding protein 1-like
  1. aThese genes were removed from RefSeq by NCBI after publication of a preliminary version of these findings