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Fig. 2

From: Downregulation of RdDM during strawberry fruit ripening

Fig. 2

DNA methylation dynamics during strawberry ripening. a Boxplots showing DNA methylation levels of 2300 hypo-differentially methylated regions (DMRs) in Fa3 relative to Fa1 in all stages. Methylation levels in mC, mCG, mCHG, and mCHH contexts of two biological replicates are shown. b Integrated Genome Browser (IGB) display of DNA methylation levels and 24-nt siRNA levels of representative hypo-DMRs. DNA methylation levels of cytosines and siRNA levels are indicated by the heights of the vertical bars on each track. Genome coordinates are indicated at the bottom. Two biological replicates are shown. c Distribution of ripening-induced methylation change of cytosines in different contexts. Cytosines within 2766 DMRs in Fa3 relative to Fa1 were used. DNA methylation change (Fa3-Fa1) for each cytosine was plotted according to the number of cytosines

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