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Table 1 List of selected GWAS SNPs that are linked to both edQTL and ASED SNPs

From: Population and allelic variation of A-to-I RNA editing in human transcriptomes

Gene symbol Editing site ASED SNP edQTL SNP Linked GWAS SNP(s) GWAS gene symbol GWAS disease/trait Reference (PMID)
PSPH Chr7:56078339 NA rs4947534 rs4947534 PSPH Blood metabolite levels 24816252 [73]
Chr7:56079087 rs4947534 NA
Chr7:56079100 rs4947534 NA
ATM Chr11:108236635 NA rs12801988 rs227080 rs170546 rs5023001 rs11212617 C11orf65 Response to metformin in type 2 diabetes (glycemic) 21186350 [42]
Chr11:108237818 rs227091 NA
Chr11:108237819 rs227091 NA
Chr11:108237832 rs227091 rs227080 rs227090
Chr11:108237844 rs227091 NA
Chr11:108237854 rs227091 NA
ICOSLG Chr21:45644472 rs8127114 rs8127114 rs4819388 ICOSLG Celiac disease 20190752 [74]
GINS1 Chr20:25427805 rs6037121 rs6050623 NA rs7267979 ABHD12 Liver enzyme levels (alkaline phosphatase) 22001757 [75]
Chr20:25427815 rs6050626 rs6050623 rs2258728
Chr20:25428294 rs1047171 rs6050626 rs6037121 NA
Chr20:25428308 rs6050626 NA
Chr20:25428320 rs6050626 rs6050623 NA
Chr20:25428646 rs1047171 NA
Chr20:25428669 rs1047171 NA
Chr20:25428724 rs1047171 NA
Chr20:25428750 rs6037121 NA
CCL28 Chr5:43380817 NA rs7706402 rs11951515 CCL28 Metabolite levels (X-11787) 23934736 [76]
Chr5:43381564 rs7706402 NA
FAM129A Chr1:184761188 rs492126 rs682331 rs570441 rs682331 rs682331 FAM129A Obesity-related traits 23251661 [77]
Chr1:184762487 rs526024 NA
Chr1:184762590 rs492126 NA