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Fig. 3

From: Heritable components of the human fecal microbiome are associated with visceral fat

Fig. 3

Associations between fecal microbiome 16S OTUs and visceral fat in the TwinsUK and replication datasets. a The inner circle denotes the phylogenetic tree of OTUs, produced using iTOL [93] based on Greengenes May 2013 tree filtered for the OTUs in the sample. Tree leaves are coloured according to the direction of association with visceral fat, where blue indicates a negative association, while red indicates a positive association. The outer circle denotes the significance of each OTU-visceral fat association, where P values are plotted as –log10 (P value), and the red line shows the Bonferroni significance threshold. The figure highlights the most-associated OTU in the sample (OTU 372146), as well as the two closed-reference OTUs that were significantly associated with host genetic variants in genes FHIT (OTU 181702) and ELAVL4 (194733). It also highlights the heritable Christensenellaceae OTU 176318. The figure also denotes the tree branches containing members of Clostridiales, Bacteroides and Christensenellaceae to accompany results and discussion in the main text. b Forest plot of beta coefficients with confidence intervals of eight OTUs that replicated robustly in a meta-analysis of three independent cohorts (TUK-R, AG and FGFP)

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