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Fig. 7

From: CHiCAGO: robust detection of DNA looping interactions in Capture Hi-C data

Fig. 7

Significant enrichment for GWAS SNPs at CHiCAGO-detected promoter-interacting regions in human lymphoblastoid cells. Enrichment for SNPs associated with autoimmune diseases (AI), and kidney/liver/lung (KLL) and neurological behaviour (NB) disorders [22] in the CHiCAGO-detected interactions in the GM12878 cell line. The bar plot shows p values for the enrichment of each disorder; red bars indicate p values computed in interacting fragments; blue bars indicate p values computed in 100 random subsets of HindIII fragments selected to have a similar distribution of distances from gene promoters as the interacting fragments. This analysis was performed using the software package GoShifter (Genomic Annotation Shifter) [23]

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