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Table 10 P values for sites previously found to be associated with smoking [33]

From: An evaluation of methods correcting for cell-type heterogeneity in DNA methylation studies

Site Unadj Ref-Based Ref-free SVA ISVA EWASher a RUV
cg06644428 2.83E-20 2.04E-21 1.96E-27 9.19E-27 4.41E-20 1.64E-22
cg05951221 2.72E-43 1.21E-45 5.41E-56 3.96E-58 3.20E-45 5.77E-01 1.05E-53
cg21566642 1.72E-49 6.93E-50 4.20E-54 6.59E-58 8.09E-54 6.45E-01 5.94E-58
cg01940273 2.09E-35 3.30E-38 4.07E-43 7.07E-46 6.93E-42 3.07E-01 1.45E-44
cg19859270 4.91E-13 2.52E-22 4.76E-35 2.21E-35 5.15E-28 2.16E-35
cg05575921 1.58E-35 7.79E-39 7.89E-52 5.65E-41 1.34E-40 3.43E-41
cg21161138 2.43E-07 2.99E-10 1.24E-25 1.68E-25 2.84E-21 9.05E-01 6.07E-21
cg06126421 1.78E-23 1.06E-33 7.38E-34 7.37E-33 9.69E-34 7.05E-01 2.55E-36
cg03636183 9.27E-21 6.74E-24 6.10E-37 1.51E-34 4.77E-30 3.09E-01 1.60E-31
  1. aSeveral sites were filtered out by EWASher