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Table 2 gRNA feature filters that were applied before the SVM modeling process

From: WU-CRISPR: characteristics of functional guide RNAs for the CRISPR/Cas9 system

Filtered features Excluded value Enrichment ratio for non-functional gRNA
gRNA folding (∆G) < −8 kcal/mol 15.8
Duplex binding (∆G) < −22 kcal/mol 3.5
GC content >80 % 30.7
UUU in the seed region True 10.5
Repetitive bases True 4.2
Position 19 U 2.6
Position 20 C or U 2.5
  1. Free energy (∆G) was calculated by RNAfold for gRNA self-folding and by the nearest neighbor method for binding stability of gRNA–target duplex