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Table 1 siRNA libraries for pathogen infection screens

From: gespeR: a statistical model for deconvoluting off-target-confounded RNA interference screens

Vendor Product Type Scope siRNAs/gene
Ambion Silencer® Select Single Kinome 3
Silencer® Select Single Validation (1,837) 6
Dharmacon Human ON-TARGETplus Single Kinome 4
Human ON-TARGETplus Pooled Genome 4
Qiagen Human Druggable Genome siRNA V3 Single Genome 4
Human Refseq Xm siRNA V1 Single Predicted mRNA 4
Human Predicted Genome V1 Single Predicted mRNA 4
  1. Libraries included kinome-, validation- and genome-wide libraries of different structure (single-siRNA and pooled) and from different vendors