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Table 5 Examples of genes for which expression levels are (anti-)correlated with leaf length, LER or LED5-e

From: Correlation analysis of the transcriptome of growing leaves with mature leaf parameters in a maize RIL population

MapMan Gene Maize description Arabidopsis orthologs Arabidopsis symbol Arabidopsis description LER LL LED5_e Arabidopsis orthologs with phenotype Phenotype Reference
Regulation of transcription GRMZM2G702026 Auxin response factor 1 AT1G59750a,b ARF1 Auxin response factor 1   −− −− AT1G59750a,b arf1 mutations enhance arf2 phenotype, i.e., delayed leaf senescence resulting in more and larger leaves [77, 154]
GRMZM2G361659   AT3G48160a DEL1, E2FE, E2L3 DP-E2F-like 1 −− −−   AT3G48160a Overexpression results in smaller leaves due to repression of cell proliferation [76]
GRMZM2G462623   AT5G02470b AT5G03415a DPA, DPB Transcription factor DP ++ ++ + AT5G02470b DPa acts together with E2F as stimulator of cell proliferation [75]
Hormone metabolism GRMZM2G135978   AT1G12820c AFB3, AFB2, TIR1, AFB1, GRH1 Auxin signaling F-box 3, auxin signaling F-box 2, F-box/RNI-like superfamily protein, GRR1-like protein 1 ++ ++   AT3G62980a,b,c Mutations in TIR1 that enhance the degradation of auxin/IAA display more lateral roots, smaller rosettes and reduced number of axillary branches [59, 77]
GRMZM2G074267 Putative auxin efflux carrier AT1G23080c PIN7, PIN3, PIN1, PIN4, AGR, AGR1, EIR1, MM31, PIN2WAV6 Auxin efflux carrier family protein   −− −− AT1G70940c T-DNA insertion line has serrated leaves [77, 104]
AT1G70940c AT1G73590a,b,c Mutants have fewer leaves with distorted shape
Cell wall GRMZM2G445905   AT5G44030a CESA4, IRX5, NWS2 Cellulose synthase-like −− −−   AT5G44030a T-DNA insertion line grows slower, plants are darker green and leaves are more narrow [103]
Unknown GRMZM2G015295 Adenosylhomo-cysteinase AT3G23810b,c SAHH2, EMB1395HOG1, MEE58, SAHH1, S-adenosyl-l-homocysteine (SAH) hydrolase 2, S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase   −− −− AT4G13940a,b,c Loss of function mutants show increased leaf size, higher seed yields and delayed flowering, while overexpression plants show opposite phenotypes [105]
  1. Arabidopsis orthologs were determined using PLAZA3.0 web resource [147]. a Best hit family ortholog. b Tree-based ortholog. c Orthologous gene family. Double plus signs ("++") indicate transcript levels positively correlated with phenotypic trait (q0.99). Single plus signs ("+") indicate transcript levels positively correlated with phenotypic trait (qrandom). Double minus signs ("−−") indicate transcript levels negatively correlated with phenotypic trait (q0.01). IAA indole-3-acetic acid