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Table 1 Frequency of contacts within superdomains and between superdomains

From: Bipartite structure of the inactive mouse X chromosome

Library Chromosome Frequency of intra-superdomain 1 contactsa Frequency of intra-superdomain 2 contactsa Frequency of inter-superdomain contactsa Bipartite indexb P valuec
Combined-brain Xa 46.72 55.22 13.80 3.69 0.534
Combined-brain Xi 32.10 33.42 7.81 4.19 1.25E-03
Combined-Patski Xa 5.26 6.15 2.32 2.46 0.832
Combined-Patski Xi 12.03 12.97 3.76 3.32 5.67E-03
  1. aThe frequency of contacts is calculated as the average number of contacts between two 1 Mb-size windows
  2. bThe bipartite index represents the ratio between the frequency of intra-superdomain contacts to inter-superdomain contacts
  3. cThe p value is calculated by one-sided Z-test to measure the significance of the observed superdomain boundary compared with randomly shifted boundaries