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Fig. 1

From: Bipartite structure of the inactive mouse X chromosome

Fig. 1

Bipartite structure of the inactive X chromosome in mouse F1 brain and Patski cells. a Allelic intrachromosomal chromatin contact heatmaps of the Xa and Xi based on SNP reads at 1 Mb resolution obtained by DNase Hi-C and in situ DNase Hi-C in female F1 brain (spretus Xi) and in Patski cells (BL6 Xi). b 3D models of the Xa and Xi built on contact frequency at 1 Mb resolution. White dots represent chromosome ends; lines are colored from red to purple in the direction from centromere to telomere; unmappable regions (corresponding to the white strips in the heatmaps) are set at 75 % transparency; the arrow indicates the hinge region of transition between the two condensed superdomains; the orange dot indicates the position of Dxz4

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