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Fig. 5

From: Differential connectivity of splicing activators and repressors to the human spliceosome

Fig. 5

High-probability PPIs enriched by IP-MS. Two splicing factors, SRSF1 and hnRNPA1, were used as baits for IP-MS. The identified proteins were overlaid with the PS-network to identify meaningful patterns of enrichment. a The most frequent categories of ligands identified by IP-MS with (blue) or without (green) nuclease treatment. b P in distribution of bait-ligand interactions for SRSF1 and hnRNPA1. The stacked bars illustrate for every Pin interval, the proportion of IP-MS ligands recovered with (blue) or without (green) nuclease versus the remaining spliceosomal proteins not identified by IP-MS (gray). The values were normalized by the total number of proteins in every group. c Similar to B, comparing Pin values from nuclease resistant bait-ligand interactions (blue) to those of ligand-ligand interactions (black). d Linear regression between the proportions of observed and expected PPIs (P in ≥0.1) from each FC. Each dot represents an FC, according to the Fig. 2 color code. Complementary information about this figure is presented in Additional file 13: Figure S5

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