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Table 1 Assembly and annotation statistics for the goose genome

From: The goose genome sequence leads to insights into the evolution of waterfowl and susceptibility to fatty liver

Estimate of genome size 1,208,661,181 bp
Number of scaffolds (≥2 kb) 1,049
Total size of assembled scaffolds 1,122,178,121 bp
N50 (scaffolds) 5.2 Mb
Longest scaffold 24 Mb
Number of contigs (≥2 kb) 60,979
Total size of assembled contigs 1,086,838,604 bp
N50 (contigs) 27.5 Kb
Longest contig 201 Kb
GC content 38%
Number of gene models 16,150
Total size of repeats 71,056,681 bp
Repeats share in genome 6.33%
Supported by RNA-Seq data 77.7%