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Table 5 Genes under positive selection (using FDR < 0.05) across the whole phylogeny (5 taxa tree)

From: A depauperate immune repertoire precedes evolution of sociality in bees

OrthoDB group id a Gene b Classification sites c Total ratio d Likelihood p-value q-value e BH-corrected sites f Positively selected
EOG6KKWHX argonaute-2 Small RNA regulatory pathway members 810 31.839 0.00000 0.00001 22W, 25N, 41S, 55S, 56N, 57S, 69L, 73D, 85D, 95I, 329S, 346N, 450F, 692L, 693R
EOG66DJHX-2 dscam Immunoglobulin 489 44.704 0.00000 0.00000 2M, 4A, 13A, 20R, 24I, 26T, 28P, 31K, 33I, 34H, 451G, 452G
EOG6QRFKP CLIP-C1B CLIP serine protease 330 13.650 0.00109 0.03063 14L, 15Q, 66L, 72M, 118A, 132L, 195Q, 313N
EOG6VX0M3 ark Caspase 1128 17.871 0.00013 0.00619 495S, 629T, 904G, 954T, 988F
EOG64B8H5 CLIP-A10 CLIP serine protease 792 14.259 0.00080 0.02824 1I, 3H, 20V, 318T
  1. aGroup identifiers are from OrthoDB 6 (
  2. bUnless otherwise specified, gene names are taken from the A. mellifera or D. melanogaster orthologs.
  3. cTotal number of codons in the alignment after trimming with Gblocks.
  4. dComparison of model M7 versus M8.
  5. eMultiple test correction by the method of Benjamini and Hochberg to control the false discovery rate (only groups where FDR < 0.05 are shown).
  6. fSites are classified as under positive selection if the Bayesian posterior probability > 0.75 (>0.95 in bold italic). Sites where \( E\left[\omega \right]-\sqrt{\mathrm{Var}\left(\omega \right)}>1.25 \) are Italic.
  7. Reference sequence taken from A. mellifera.