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Table 1 Subclonal reconstruction methods, their properties and assumptions

From: PhyloWGS: Reconstructing subclonal composition and evolution from whole-genome sequencing of tumors

Property/method PhyloWGS PhyloSub [ 17 ] THetA [ 15 ] PyClone [ 18 ] TrAp [ 16 ] Clomial [ 36 ] RecBTP [ 33 ]
Simple somatic mutation Y Y N Y Y Y Y
Copy number variation Y N Y N N N N
Weak parsimony Y Y N/A Y Y Y Y
Strong parsimony N N N/A N Y N Y
Infinite sites Y Y N/A Y Y N Y
Phylogenetic inference Y Y N N Y N Y
Parametric N N Y N N Y N
Multiple samples Y Y N Y N Y N
Genotype uncertainty Y Y N N/A N N N
  1. N/A, not applicable.