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Table 1 Groups of subjects appearing in this study

From: Improved characterization of medically relevant fungi in the human respiratory tract using next-generation sequencing

Group Subjects (n) Description Median CD4 count Bronchoscopy procedure Reference
1A 8 HIV+ off ART, CD4 > 400 769 Two scope This study
1B 3 HIV+ off ART, CD4 < 400 315 Two scope This study
2B 8 HIV+ on ART, no lung disease 674 Two scope This study
3B 6 HIV-, no lung disease   Two scope 16S data [20], ITS data [21]
3C 4 HIV-, no lung disease   None This study
3D 6a HIV-, no lung disease   Single scope This study
Pulm 13 HIV-, mixed lung disease   Single scope This study
Transplant 42 Lung transplant recipients   Single scope Time points with paired BAL and OW samples [21]b
  1. aFour subjects in group 3D were also sampled in group 3B. In each case, the group 3D sample was taken more than 1 year after the 3B sample (see Additional file 1 for details).
  2. bSample sets Tx34B and Tx41B appear as Tx34 and Tx41, respectively, in Charlson 2012. The initial time points were not included in the previous publication because OW samples were not collected at the time of sampling.