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Archived Comments for: Sequestration: inadvertently killing biomedical research to score political points

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  1. Kudos! Great commentary on sequestration¿s impact on research! National media should talk about this and YOU should read it!!!

    Leonardo Collado Torres, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

    3 May 2013

    I have greatly enjoyed reading this commentary by Leek and Salzberg and find it a must read for anyone. I am not talking just researchers and those involved in science, but the general public. I wrote my comments with this in mind at Fellgernon Bit and would love to see the national media commenting Leek and Salzberg's point of view.

    I do have to emphasize that this is a commentary that should be read by the general public and is important for them to have access to it. Thus, while Genome Biology offers 30 day free trial accounts, I hope that an exception can be made and offer give this commentary open-access like it is done for research articles. I understand that Genome Biology has to survive too, so maybe a quick donation drive can be made or something like that.

    Competing interests

    I am a student in the same department where Jeffrey Leek and Steven Salzberg work and collaborate with them in my research with RNA-seq data.