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Table 2 Summary of the number of lateral gene transfer (LGTs) in relation to their functional annotationa

From: Patterns of prokaryotic lateral gene transfers affecting parasitic microbial eukaryotes

Description Protein counts (LGT) Fraction (%) from total
  SPb TMD 1-3c TMD ≥ 4c Total  
Entries with annotated EC numberd     220 g 61.6 g
   Part of KEGG metabolic pathways 13 8 1 165 46.2
   Involved in translation (GIP) 0 0 0 6 1.7
   Reactions, enzymes, but not in a pathway 5 0 2 49 13.7
Entries without annotated EC numbere     137 g 38.4 g
   With some established function 1 1 8 14 3.9
   Hypothetical proteinsf      
Possess known functional conserved region 5 4 3 87 24.4
Possess domain of unknown function 3 3 2 31 8.7
No significant hit with known domains, suggesting a novel protein family 1 0 1 5 1.4
Total 28 16 17 357  
  1. EC, Enzyme Classification; GIP, Genetic Information Processing; KEGG, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
  2. aCandidate LGTs supported by at least one node (see Additional file 2; see Additional file 5).
  3. bSP: Entries with an SP and without TMD are counted here.
  4. c'TMDs ≥ 4' or 'TMDs 1-3' refers to the number of TMDs predicted on protein sequences. Transporters typically have at least four TMDs (TMDs ≥ 4). Proteins with one to three TMDs represent putative membrane proteins.
  5. dEC numbers were annotated for each entry based on a significant sequence similarity to either a PRIAM enzyme profile or an enzyme annotated in KEGG (see Materials and methods).
  6. eEntries without an EC annotation are classified into two major groups: entries with non-enzymatic functions and hypothetical proteins. These may be involved in cellular processes such as membrane transport or signal transduction.
  7. fHypothetical proteins were further analyzed for the presence of known conserved regions using HHsearch and InterProScan (see Additional file 2; see Additional file 3; see Additional file 4).
  8. g Total counts and fractions (%) for the two major listed categories