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Table 5 Paired test to examine the hypothesis that the ESE usage at exon flanks is higher than at the core of the same exon

From: The evolution, impact and properties of exonic splice enhancers

Dataset P- Wilcoxon paired test, one tailed P- sign test
ESR 0.0067 0.016
INT2 5.826948e-10 5.84E-07
INT2-400 2.275268e-14 3.41E-11
INT3 1.378492e-12 1.28E-09
INT3-400 8.045803e-12 5.82E-10
Ke-ESE 0.46 0.81
Ke-ESE400 0.00079 0.013
PESE 0.00012 0.00358
RESCUE 7.755973e-25 1.80E-15
  1. Here we compare the first and last 50 bp of an exon with 100 bp in the centre of the exon (using exons >200 bp, n = 3,494). Only those in bold are significant after Bonferonni correction (with P <0.05/9).