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Table 3 In vivo assay of regions with no predicted regulatory activity (controls)

From: Sequence signatures extracted from proximal promoters can be used to predict distal enhancers

ID Coordinates [hg18] Score Location Activity
C1 Chr15:56263227-56263340 -2.22 Intronic (AQP9) No
C2 Chr6:26030369-26030485 -2.03 Intronic (SLC17A2) No
C3 Chr22:19494975-19495083 -1.26 Intronic (PI4KA) No
C4 Chr5:138482622-138482789 -1.67 Intronic (SIL1) No
C5 Chr9:96485498-96485627 -1.32 Intergenic (50 kbp upstream of FBP1 and C9orf3) No