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Figure 5

From: Modeling precision treatment of breast cancer

Figure 5

Heatmap representation of predicted sensitivity in the TCGA population. This heatmap represents the predicted pattern of sensitivity in 306 TCGA patients with expression, methylation and copy number data for 22 compounds with model AUC >0.7 and with at least some patients predicted to respond with probability >0.65. For the 306 patients, association is shown with ER, progesterone receptor (PR), ERBB2 status, tumor size (T), lymph node involvement (N), distant metastasis (M), and subtype. Of the 22 therapeutic compounds, 5 are chemotherapeutic and 17 are targeted agents. Probability values shown were re-scaled to reflect custom sensitivity thresholds as described in Supplementary Methods of Additional file 3. Res., resistant; Int., intermediate; Sens., sensitive.

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