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Table 1 Comparison of MZT in the soma versus the PGCs

From: Genome-wide analysis of the maternal-to-zygotic transition in Drosophila primordial germ cells

  Soma Primordial germ cells
RNA decay     
   Material analyzed Unfertilized egg [3] Embryo [69] PGCs (this study) PGCs (this study)
   Time 2-to-4 hours, 4-to-6 hours versus 0-to-2 hours 2-to-3 hours versus 0-to-1 hours 3-to-5 hours versus 1-to-3 hours 5-to-7 hours versus 3-to-5 hours
   Gene numbers 1,637 2,107 810 506
   Genes dependent on Smaug for RNA decay 975 (60% of RNA decay) NA 301 (37% of RNA decay) 142 (28% of RNA decay)
   SREs in RNAs expressed 48% 46% 45% 45%
   SREs in RNA decay 59% 63% 52% 56%
   SREs in Smaug-dependent RNA decay 67% NA 61% 54%
   GO terms for RNA decay Transmembrane transport Proteasome DNA damage/repair Alternative splicing Cell/developmental maturation Nucleotide-binding Nucleotide-binding Metabolism germ cell Development Alternative splicing Sexual reproduction Intrinsic/integral to membrane EGF-like domain Ras/Ras GTPase N-linked glycosylation Pole plasm RNA localization Pole plasm assembly Embryonic axis specification Alternative splicing Intrinsic/integral to membrane Dephosphorylation Lipid catabolism Alternative splicing
   GO terms for Smaug-dependent RNA decay Cell cycle phosphoprotein Nucleotide-binding Microtubule-based process Chromosome organization Proteasome NA Alternative splicing Developmental protein Cell surface receptor-linked signal transduction Electron carrier activity
Zygotic transcription     
   Material analyzed Embryo [69] Embryo [12] PGCs (this study) PGCs (this study)
   Time 0-to-1 hours versus 1-to-2 hours 2-to-3 hours versus stage 14 oocytes 3-to-5 hours versus 1-to-3 hours 5-to-7 hours versus 3-to-5 hours
   Gene numbers 1,110 939 657 167
   Genes dependent on Smaug for zygotic transcription NA 371 (40%) 248 (38%) 50 (30%)
   SREs in zygotic transcription 54% 48% 35% 43%
   SREs in Smaug-dependent zygotic transcription NA 36% 29% 30%
   GO terms for zygotic transcription Transcription Morphogenesis Interphase Development Developmental protein Morphogenesis transcription Metabolism Structural constituent of ribosome Structural constituent of mitochondrial ribosome Mitochondrial membrane part mitochondrial electron transport Transcriptional regulator activity Casein kinase II mitotic spindle organization
   GO terms for Smaug-dependent zygotic transcription NA Morphogenesis Signal Cell fate No significant GO terms No significant GO terms
  1. NA, not available since smaug mutants were not analyzed.