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Figure 4

From: Natural variation of H3K27me3 distribution between two Arabidopsis accessions and its association with flanking transposable elements

Figure 4

Association of L er -specific H3K27me3 targets with TEs and H3K9me2. (a) The distributions of Ler-specific H3K27me3 targets relative to heterochromatic regions in chromosomes of Col. The red lines indicate the locations of Ler-specific H3K27me3 targets; the blue lines indicate the SNP density between Col and Ler; the brown lines indicate the density of TEs. (b) Density plot of fraction of genes flanked by a TE in a permutation test (sample size = 28, 200 drawings). The density is shown on the y-axis; the fraction of genes flanked by a TE for each sampling is shown on the x-axis. Non-H3K27me3 targets are indicated in blue, H3K27me3 targets in black. The dashed red line shows the fraction of 28 non-TE Ler-specific H3K27me3 targets flanked by TEs in Col. (c) Association of Ler-specific H3K27me3 targets with flanking TEs and the H3K9me2 mark. 19 Ler-specific targets are H3K9me2 in Col, of which 15 are flanked by a TE. The number in brackets shows the number of annotated TE genes within the respective category.

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