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Figure 5

From: InSilico DB genomic datasets hub: an efficient starting point for analyzing genome-wide studies in GenePattern, Integrative Genomics Viewer, and R/Bioconductor

Figure 5

Comparing signatures from differentially expressed genes between ER+/ER- samples in three conditions. (a) Venn diagram showing the intersections of the signatures of the top 500 differentially expressed genes related to the ER pathway activation status for two microarray datasets (GSE20711 from Dedeurwaerder et al. [45], and ISDB6354 from Lamb et al. [8]) and one RNA-Seq dataset (GSE27003 from Sun et al. [46]) (for a full list of intersecting genes, see Additional file 3). (b) Top 5 curated gene sets associated with the 64 genes at the intersections obtained from MSigDB.

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