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Figure 1

From: InSilico DB genomic datasets hub: an efficient starting point for analyzing genome-wide studies in GenePattern, Integrative Genomics Viewer, and R/Bioconductor

Figure 1

Navigation and browse interface. (a) Navigation pane, accessible at all times by clicking on the InSilico DB logo (see below). (b) The InSilico DB Browse & Export interface. The result after querying InSilico DB for the term 'Estrogen' is displayed. The main functions are indicated: 1, the InSilico DB logo is a link to access the navigation bar; 2, user information and feedback form; 3, search and find genomic datasets; 4, filter datasets, refine search results, manage and share sample collections; 5, results panel allowing the user to drill-down into information referring to desired datasets, and export it into supported analysis tools.

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