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Table 2 Dataset sample numbers for cancer methylation data.

From: Tissue of origin determines cancer-associated CpG island promoter hypermethylation patterns

Tissue Type Number of Cancer Samples Number of Normal Samples Technology
Fackler Breast Tumors 103 21 Infinium 27k
Fang Breast Tumors 39 2 Infinium 27k
Sproul Breast Tumors 34 2 Infinium 27k
Van der Auwera Breast Tumors 62 10 Infinium 27k
Colorectal Tumors 125 29 Infinium 27k
Illingworth Col. Tum. 5 5 MDB-seq
Xu Col. Tum. 6 3 MDB-seq
Berman Col. Tum. 1 1 WG bis-seq
Prostate Tumors 95 86 Infinium 27k
Glioblastomas 88 2 Infinium 27k
Lung Tumors 66 24 Infinium 27k
AMLs 188 8 Infinium 27k
Ovarian Tumors 484 8 Infinium 27k
  1. Details of the number of methylation profiles analyzed for each cancer type. The cancer type, the number of cancer and normal samples analyzed and the technology used to generate the methylation profiles in each case are shown. AMLs, acute myeloid leukemias; Col. Tum, colorectal tumors; Infinium 27k, Illumina infinium Infinium HumanMethylation27 BeadChip array; MBD-seq, Methyl Binding Domain pull-down followed by sequencing; WG bis-seq, whole genome bisulfite sequencing.