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Table 1 RNA-seq data used to test TopHat-Fusion

From: TopHat-Fusion: an algorithm for discovery of novel fusion transcripts

Data source Sample ID Read type Fragment length Read length Number of fragments (or reads)
Edgren et al. [12] BT474 Paired 100, 200 50 21,423,697
Edgren et al. [12] SKBR3 Paired 100, 200 50 18,140,246
Edgren et al. [12] KPL4 Paired 100 50 6,796,443
Edgren et al. [12] MCF7 Paired 100 50 8,409,785
Maher et al. [11] VCaP Paired 300 50 16,894,522
Maher et al. [11] UHR Paired 300 50 25,294,164
Maher et al. [11] UHR Single   100 56,129,471
  1. The data came from two studies, and included four samples from breast cancer cells (BT474, SKBR3, KPL4, MCF7), one prostate cancer cell line (VCaP), and two samples from the Universal Human Reference (UHR) cell line. For paired-end data, two reads were generated from each fragment; thus, the total number of reads is twice the number of fragments.