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Table 5 Presence of genes in Trichoderma known to be required in N. crassa for repeat-induced point mutation

From: Comparative genome sequence analysis underscores mycoparasitism as the ancestral life style of Trichoderma

N. crassa protein a Accession numbera Functiona Trichodermaorthologue (ID number)
    T. atroviride T. virens T. reesei
   RID XP_959047.1 Putative DMT, essential for RIP and for MIP    
   Dim-5 XP_957479.2 Histone 3-K9 HMT essential for RIP; RdRP 152017 55211 515216
   QDE-1 XP_959047.1 RdRP, essential for quelling 361 64774 67742
   QDE-2 XP_960365.2 Argonaute-like protein, essential for quelling 79413 20883 49832
   QDE-3 XP_964030.2 RecQ helicase, essential for quelling 91316 30057 102458
   DCL1 XP_961898.1 Dicer-like protein, involved in quelling 20162 20212 69494
   DCL2 XP_963538.2 Dicer-like protein, involved in quelling 318 47151 79823
   QIP CAP68960.1 Putative exonuclease protein, involved in quelling 14588 41043 57424
   SAD-1 XP_964248.2 RdRP essential for MSUD 465 28428 103470
   SAD-2 XP_961084.1 Essential for MSUD No No No
  1. aN. crassa gene information and abbreviations taken from [36]. DMT, cytosine DNA methyltransferase; HMT, histone methyltransferase; MIP, methylation induced premeotically; MSUD, meiotic silencing of unpaired DNA; RdRP, RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase.