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Table 3 MMSEQ estimates for H13 and Mcts2 isoforms in F1 hybrid samples. MMSEQ estimates for each haplotype and isoform of H13 and Mcts2of the initial and reciprocal crosses are shown.

From: Haplotype and isoform specific expression estimation using multi-mapping RNA-seq reads

  Mother Father
  CAST i C57 r C57 i CAST r
uc008nfz.1 1.26 1.63 9.61 9.17
uc008nga.1 1.29 3.58 7.68 7.51
uc008ngb.1 12.97 9.81 0.94 0.39
uc008ngc.1 13.63 10.51 1.10 1.08
uc008ngd.1 0.22 0.18 0.30 0.13
uc008nge.1 2.01 4.20 11.29 14.66
  1. The two short isoforms of H13 (uc008nfz.1 and uc008nga.1) were found to be paternally imprinted, while the longer isoforms uc008ngb.1 and uc008ngc.1 were found to be maternally imprinted. The long isoform uc008ngd.1 was estimated to be close to absent. The short Mcts2 gene (uc008nge.1), located within the boundaries of H13, was found to be paternally overexpressed.